Luke and Lauren Clark

Luke & Lauren Clark

“So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” – Matthew 19:6

Live Streaming of Wedding + Car Parade (Friday, April 24th)

You can post photos or videos of your remote celebration on any social outlet with the hashtag #LAndLWedding or share directly love@landlwedding.com

Wedding update:

To Our Dear Family and Friends,

After much prayer, unwavering support from our families, and a few crazy corona days thrown in for good measure, we’ve decided to change our wedding plans… and will be moving our wedding ceremony date from May 16th to April 24th. Only our parents and our pastor will be in attendance as we wish to respect the orders put in place at this time due to COVID-19. We will deeply miss celebrating with you all, but hope you will join our live stream of the wedding at 5pm on Friday, April 24th. If you feel so inclined, we (actually, Lauren) would love for you to use this as an excuse to get all dressed up, have a drink to toast with us, and post photos or videos of your remote celebration on any social outlet with the hashtag #LAndLWedding

***The link to the live stream will be posted here 24 hours prior to the ceremony. We will also be sending out an email containing the link by 12noon on April 24th.

While this is not the wedding we originally envisioned, we have been so humbled and made newly aware of God’s love, grace, and plan for our lives. We hope that while we make this covenant with each other, our union will be a symbolic reminder of God’s covenant with His people. In this time of darkness and hardship, we pray His Glory is revealed through our lives.

We look forward to a celebration with you later on this year! 

Details will be forthcoming as we restructure our plans for a reception this fall. Thank you for your continued prayers, kind messages, and enduring support during this time. We love you all and are so thankful for each one of you!

Stay Safe. Wash Your Hands. God bless!

Lauren & Luke


Lisa & Gary

Our Wedding Registry

Engagement Photo – November 2019

Our Story (L & L)

Lauren’s Version

I left work after a long day, went to the gym, and finally headed home. When I opened the door, I was (very!) pleasantly surprised at the man sitting at the dining room table working on his laptop. I found out he was Priscilla’s (my roommate) brother… and about to be deployed to Afghanistan. We talked briefly, but then they went to dinner. Knowing that he would be leaving kept me from entertaining any thoughts that this might work.

However, on a whim, I asked him to be my date to a wedding. He wasn’t able to go, but that whole day, I kept thinking what a great date he would have been. Even though the wedding didn’t work out, we decided to meet up and grab drinks just before Labor Day. That was the beginning of the end, and we have been head over heels for each other ever since. While the deployment was tough, it allowed us to grow deeper together and have some amazing conversations. But needless to say, I was SOOO happy when he was finally home.

Luke’s Version

Well… It started with her asking me out twice… Me falling madly into love with her… Me asking her to marry me… That’s pretty much the short of our story.

(*This is the first picture we took together!)

Our Engagement Story

After returning from his deployment in July, Luke knew an engagement was not far away. Luke and Lauren’s parents eventually plotted to have the proposal be at the lake… a special place to both of them. In a private moment on the dock on September 14th, Luke prayed for them, dropped to a knee, and popped the question. (If you’re curious… she said YES!) They celebrated with toasts of champagne and a beautiful dinner. But that wasn’t all… Luke planned an engagement party at his house with both families the next afternoon! With 9 siblings—to—be and 16 nieces/newphews—to—be (all on the Clark side), it was a special time to celebrate, laugh, and enjoy the union of two families!

Wedding Party

Lauren Nolan – Maid of Honor

Lauren and I met while leading 4th Grade girls Sunday school at Buckhead Church. She is the brunette to my blonde and such an important part of my life! And… I’m proud to claim I set her up with her husband 😉

Micah Clark – Best Man

I met Micah within hours of his birth, and you could say he took a liking to me immediately! Our countless road-trips across the USA over the years indeed contain our fondest memories together, and being fans of Auburn sports together certainly doesn’t hurt.

Priscilla Clark – Bridesmaid

Priscilla moved into my townhouse with me in July 2018. She had some of her brothers (including Luke) help move her in over 4th of July weekend… while I was out of town. Little did I know, one of those brothers would change my life!!!

David Clark – Groomsman

I admittedly took a liking to this older brother immediately. One could arguably make the case that David was the ringleader of the “Three Middle Boys” growing up and ultimately would plant the seeds for our military deployments to Afghanistan in the service of God, Family, and Country. Prayers he’s able to make the wedding due to his military obligations.

Amanda Gibson – Bridesmaid

Amanda is my weird and nerdy friend! I was her DNOW leader when she was a senior in high school. Years later we reconnected joining a small group at Buckhead Church and have been inseparable ever since! Bring up sharks, dinosaurs, weather, golf, constellations, etc and we’ll geek out 😉

Caleb Clark – Groomsman

I would certainly say he’s the nerdiest of the two, and one could say the most accomplished. When life questions came to anything technology or business, I would find myself seeking his guidance. At his encouragement, I found myself moving to the ATL in 2012 and jumping into the Atlanta Startup community. I’ve been within a few miles radius of Lauren for the most part ever since!

Caroline Taylor – Bridesmaid

Caroline and I met in small group almost a decade ago! We’ve been in several small groups together (and even co-led some) over the years. I’m always thankful for our “corporate conversations,” walks around Chastain Park, and OTF workouts!

Titus Clark – Groomsman

I like to think of myself as the trend-setter for Titus, whether it was long hair, becoming a “beast” in the gym, or finding something super physically and mentally challenging, though Titus always took it to a whole new level!! Prayers also that he’s able to make the wedding due to his ongoing military training to become a member of one of America’s finest.

Elizabeth Visscher – Bridesmaid

Buckhead Church Singles Gatherings didn’t bring a boyfriend, but it brought a best friend! We bonded the first meeting over Paula Dean, cooking, and the awkwardness of singles groups. She’s been my partner-in-crime at all the Buckhead Church events since, as well as lots of “bopping” around Atlanta.

Boaz Clark – Groomsman

Though nearly a decade of age between the two of us, Boaz is certainly as wise as he is good looking, which says a lot! Over the last several years, he always seemed to know his first time meeting an interest of mine that she wasn’t the one. His admiration of Lauren, just a couple of weeks into our dating, was nearly the indication enough of the marriage to come!

Ashley Ford – Bridesmaid

With over 23 years of friendship under our belt, Ashley and I have been friends longer than all Generation Z’ers have been alive! We’ve seen each other through so many highs and lows of life and will be Best Friends Forever… And Ever (BFFAE)!

Daniel Johnson – Groomsman

Some could say my hairstyle at the time of Daniel’s wedding ruined a lot of their wedding photos, so you can certainly bet I’ll be playing it safe at my own wedding! Though there haven’t been memories spread out over decades with this guy, he’s been a life-altering figure in my life for what a covenant marriage should look like and undoubtedly makes me feel very very little in the gym.

Katie Gillespie – Bridesmaid

If it’s possible to have a fantastic time getting lost on the way to a corn maze in North Georgia, you definitely need Katie in your car! We’ve bonded over AYR, social gatherings, southern hospitality, and so much more!

Nathan Forde – Groomsman

I can promise you we value our friendship much more than we do getting a quality photo together! Our friendship though seemingly, hasn’t come much further than where it began, nearly always taking place around rivers, bourbon, cigars, guitars, and deep conversation of anything and everything.